Hello everyone! I am new to the tech community, but I had the opportunity to take a MERN Stack Software Engineering bootcamp and loved every second of it. Now that I am done with it I am trying to find a mentor or someone in this type of career that can just give me advice on what I can do to be the best I can. I understand right now I don't have the portfolio or experience for jobs and I just want to know what I can do or good projects I can work on to get me there. Thank you in advance for looking at my post and any advice helps!
Hey @BreLunsfordAmazing to know that you loved every second of Bootcamp, and you have learned different things.!Since I m from a tech background, my advice would be to try out projects and contribute to GitHub, and share them within the community and try to improve on them, by this you will not only get different ideas, you will also be able to explore various approaches on how to tackle things.And, once you feel confident with projects you will be able to good portfolio and there comes a job for you as well :)
Thank you!!!!!!!!!