CLOSED: Recommendations for apps to share feedback within a team

** update - got so many great recommendations i'm all set - thanks a lot! **looking for recommendations from anyone who has used a tool / app to share feedback - i.e. from manager to direct report, peer to peer, etc.
Try Engagely. It's one of the best. Plus it has a free trial and you can send feedback anonymously.
Thanks @FridahKanini - just wanted to confirm you meant - seems more like a chat not.
My company uses Lattice!
Thanks @teresaman - do you think it’s a good tool to implement? Does it seem like people at your company like it?
Tbh I don't have experience with other feedback tools to compare it with, but thus far it has served our needs well - especially with anonymous surveys and growth plans!
@teresaman - cool - thanks for the follow up. appreciate it!!
Team Retro works great.Also you can connect with Sophia Benhaddou, also here on Elpha, who has a statup call Excel Way!
Hi, @laurenrosenthal - Long time Elpha contributor here. We do this along with allowing employees to chat anonymously about stress, anxiety, or feelings of insecurity. Based on the conversation, the assistant connects employees to important resources. We are built on top of both Slack and Microsoft Teams. 10,000 people on the platform, only 5-star reviews. Thanks!
hi @CPeer - thanks so much for this - will check out!
Thanks, @laurenrosenthal! I appreciate your consideration very much. :)