CLOSED: Have 10 seconds (literally) to help me raise $ for my boot-strapped startup? 1 question survey - that's it!

Hi all! I'm up for a cash award through an alumni entrepreneur competition at the University of Michigan - the most votes win. No Michigan affiliation required. A one question survey - just click on Birdie - that's it! And no exaggeration - will literally take 10 seconds. Boot-strapped so taking all the help I can get - thank you!! Here's the link -'s the link to my webapp if you're curious -
Done! Also was reading about Birdie, and one thing that I'm incredibly frustrated by when perusing streaming platforms for the "next thing to watch" is that so frequently none of their supposed trailers are actually trailers, but a random 2-min snippet of a scene in the show or movie!
thank you so much for the vote - and great call out!
Done! Good luck @laurenrosenthal! :)
thanks @aninatd - hope you're well! thanks for your continued support of birdie - and chirps!!