Is it time for me to leave my first software engineering job?

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Hi @MargaretBadeau, I suggest to spend some time planning what your next job can look like and where you want to experience growth. Sounds like you learned a lot in this first year at your current company and are now ready to move into a different role where you can continue growing and exploring, different technologies and potentially new responsibilities. I suggest to check-in with your manager about your career goals once a month, while also starting a job search, not an intensive job search but looking to see what other opportunities can align with your career goals. You can subscribe to a few job newsletters to help you track any opportunities you are interested in.
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Thanks for sharing! My advice is to start looking now and by the time you find a job you'd have clocked in about 15 months on your current role which is perfectly acceptable :)
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Agreed! 1 yr is already great, and finding a job you love will take a little while . Take advantage of having a backup to keep searching! good luck!
Agree with Iynna. I think at the one year mark you’re good to go as well. Especially if you’re leaving because you want to branch out and broaden your skill set, I think it’s a perfectly good reason to leave! Unfortunately, not all companies have the resources to move people around and support their career growth needs. I wish all companies were supportive (both through its culture and through its resources). And if this company isn’t able to support you, go somewhere else where you can get what you need! Like Iynna said, start looking now! This is a great time to start interviewing because you have more excuses to take time off as we’re close to the holidays!
Definitely look elsewhere! It's a red flag if a company is not invested in your growth or wants to keep you in the same position without offering opportunities that match your interests. That means they see you as more of a tool for them than as your own person. Try identifying companies that are not only hiring for the type of role you want, but are invested in collaboration and learning. A startup or young-ish and evolving company may be the place for this.