Women in web3 gaming / P2E

Hi ladies!

Wondering if anyone here works in or is connected to the blockchain gaming space, or web2 game studios interested in making the leap to web3.

I'm Head of Partnerships at Scenius, at a startup focused on developing infrastructure to support blockchain games, and looking to connect with others in the space, as well as learn about how various games are approaching things.



Hi Julia! I tagged our Women in Web3 community here for greater visibility :) big congrats on the role - so perfect for you!
Thank you!
Hey Julia! I'm currently at a studio working on a web3 p2e game and would love to connect!
Hi Bernice! Thanks for responding! Sent you a DM via Elpha mail!
Very interested in P2E games. I was very surprised how Axie Infinity is so popular in the Philippines
P2E has definitely gotten a lot of traction in Southeast Asia (especially the Philippines), as well as Venezuela and some other areas in Latam. I've spoken to a few scholars in both of those countries who aspire to change their lives (move their family out of Venezuela to a safer place, made enough money to buy their first PC which they used to level up their earnings and change their family's financial situation, upgraded from player to manager within their organization and was then able to turn around and help educate others on how to do the same, etc.)One of the things that's really important to us is building something that can help enable financial access for all in this space!
Somehow I missed your reply @JuliaXu. It's interesting that you mention Venezuela since I lived and studied there for 14 years and my parents still live there.I'm very interested in how you help enable financial access for those in the Global South.Thanks, Patricia
The first product we're building is a rental marketplace & protocol specifically for the web3/P2E gaming space. We find that often the people who purchase these types of NFTs don't have plans to use them, or don't have time to constantly use them, while players (especially in developing nations) who are interested in using these assets can't afford them. We'll have a two sided marketplace that will help connect these two sides and open up access
Many thanks @JuliaXu, very interested. Please do keep us posted.
Will do!If you're interested, we'll start posting more updates & general education/thought pieces on web3 gaming on our Twitter soon ( Also will launch our Discord soon for more active discussion on web3 gaming in general as well as the product
Great! I've just started following you. I'm