Where can I find skilled individuals to collaborate on my startup ideas?

Hello everyone!

I have an idea that I'm eager to bring to life, but I lack the professionals who can help me with it. How can I find people who may assist me in building my idea?

If you’re willing to pay for startup consulting or MVP development, it shouldn’t be hard. If you’re looking for free work in exchange for equity when all you have is an idea, it can be tougher.
Most people who I've seen who have gotten started found cofounders/partners/advisors through their 1st / 2nd degree network so maybe start with people you've worked with (this can be (in)direct coworkers, partners on various initiatives) who have seen you at work and trust you & your abilities, then you can explore connections of connections with whom you had a good vibe/interaction with (could be that person who came to the same birthday party or whatnot) - by starting to socialise the idea you can start seeing who might be interesting and organically grow from there.
I'd be happy to jump on a brief call to discuss the ins and outs on the technical side of it as well as what's worked and not worked from my experience on startups. You can reach me at [email protected]
BTW, I have tagged the "founders" and "founders looking for cofounders" on your post. :)
Having the same challenge!