Nairobi, Kenya Elpha hangout

Hello Elpha team, anyone in Nairobi and it's environs for us to have our very 1st Elpha meet up/hangout?

Omg YES this is also our very first Elpha on the African continent! I am SO stoked!
yes, finally
there's no rush!
Thank you for mentioning them
Sounds really cool would love to be a part of it. 😸
Just dm me and we will pick it up from there
Not me wishing I had a trip planned to Nairobi. All the best with it and cheers from 🇬🇭
Maybe we should do a Ghana one soon in Accra? What do you think!
That would be fab!
Oooo are you interested in planning? Should be super lowlift- don’t want to give you a ton of work!
when you come to Nairobi, be sure to reach out. We can have coffee
Will do!
Hello yeees let's do it..Reach out to me on LinkedIn at Ruthie Mwanzia so happy to connect
Fantastic. It is easier if you send me a message then I can easily follow up from there
I am in Nairobi as welll
Oh no! I am just seeing this. Did the hangout happen? When and where and how was it? Also more importantly, can we have another one soon? I would love to connect with all of you in person!