Helpful platform for people looking to pivot into Product Management

Hi ladies of product! I know there are many people being laid off and using the time to consider a pivot into Product Management. Please share this resource with those looking to make the jump! It helps you do everything from discover your transferable skills, get personalized positioning tips, and access resources vetted by top PM hiring managers. Check it out here:
This looks really interesting, will share with my networks. Out of interest, what happens once you've completed the form? Is it an 'instant result' via email or something else?
Thank @saskiahill really appreciate it. And good question, you get instant results on the website itself. Then we connect you to a set of curated resources, by skill, so you don't have to waste time finding the right resources by skill. Appreciate the help in helping others!
Ah - in that case, one of my contacts who tried it sent me this '(I just got "Mobile experience coming soon" at the end and didn't give them an email so no way to follow up)' - does that mean he should try it on desktop instead?Always happy to share useful resources! 😁
Sorry for the delay! Desktop is way to go for now if he doesn’t mind logging on from there. And thank you for the endorsement!
Hi Ambika, I just tried it. loved the design and data interpretation! Would def recommend to my friends as well :)
Awesome! Thank you for the note and spreading the word. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback [email protected] we have a new release for covid impacted roles coming soon!
Thanks so much for sharing! Glad to hear my most recent role put me at 50% overlap.