Emotional resilience app for parents and kids- feedback wanted!https://www.mykanjo.com/

I would be so grateful if people could sign up for free and be willing to test our beta version! Feedback needed both from parents, kids and anyone in between! Currently going through the accelerator Entrepreneur First and building Kanjo, the first children’s platform to make cognitive and emotional skills fun and engaging to learn. Unlike many children’s gamified platforms, we are bringing the parent to the forefront of the children’s development, using the nascent study of digital biomarkers as a way to provide personalised insight and advice whenever the child interacts with the platform. We are not replacing therapists or diagnostic solutions- we believe especially for children, prevention and building a psychological tool box comes first.---Wondering if there are any parents/educators here interested in the development of emotional resiliency in children? Myself and a team of mental health campaigners and PHD researchers are developing a really exciting FREE resource that we would love to get some parents opinions on 🙂 drop me a message or comment underneath - would be so grateful for your help! You can also sign up ( as the first 1000 users) for free at https://mykanjo.com
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Hey Sophia! Letting you know I've consolidated your 4 posts as they're about the same topic. Feel free to edit your post if you'd like to change the wording :)PS - in the future you can post in multiple communities by adding different ones in the "choose communities" field!
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Ah Thanks Teresa!!! I had no idea. Thank you very much!
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This looks really interesting! 😀 I'm an aunt to many haha so have shared this with my siblings to try out. Look forward to seeing how they get on.