Disability lawsuit


I am wondering what hiring managers think if they google an applicant and they see that the person has had to file a disability complaint and subsequent lawsuit.

Do hiring managers consider this a negitive?

I know these are technically "protected" activities, we all know that companies can find ways to avoid hiring people who are seen as "problems."

I'm just looking for perspective from current hiring managers at this time. Thanks!

Hm not a hiring manager so may not be positioned for this but maybe @sarahholland @lesliemartincpsp will know?
Thank you for the tag!
As a hiring manager and recruiter, I have never found this information from a Google search. The most interesting things I've ever seen is colorful Facebook posts that are open to the public. Even that has not happened in a long time. I hope that helps Tilda ☺️
I'm not a hiring manager, but i understand a bit about search engines work and something related happened to me. Usually lawsuits themselves do not show up in google results, it is news stories about lawsuits. Someone with my same name filed a discrimination lawsuit and it came up in google search when you searched my name because the news reported on it. I never experienced any backlash, but for a long time, it was the top result of my name search, which proves you that people searching my name were all clicking on that story. But I think if there's no news outlet covering it, then no one will know.Also, if there is some kind of story, you can push the result down in the search results by created linkedin profile, writing Medium articles and after googling your name, clicking on those links instead of the news article link.
Thank you so much for this insight.