Complete Hands On Pandas Bootcamp with a Real World Project Course

Hi All Amazing Women,

I have created a Complete Hands On Pandas Bootcamp with a Real World Project course ( Beginner to Advanced: with Implementation,Exercises and a project for anyone who wants to start their tech journey in the data, ML and analytics field. It covers everything you need to know with respect to Pandas ( including advanced Pandas)

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Topic it covers and you will learn --

  • Learn everything about pandas right from scratch with hands on implementation with a project.
  • Gain a deep and hands-on understanding of pandas data structures.
  • Learn Series at a Glance - Series Methods and Handling
  • Implement DataFrames in depth
  • Implement GroupBy, Slicing, Aggregates and Reshaping With Pivots
  • Join, Melt, cut, transform, clean, filter, groupby, pivot, merge and otherwise manipulate any dataset.
  • Practice reading data from the web, pickles, Excel files right within pandas.
  • Implement advance Pandas DataFrame manipulations: multiIndexing, stacking, hierarchical indexing, pivoting, melting and more.
  • Import, clean, and merge messy Data and prepare Data for Machine Learning
  • Merge and Concatenate many Datasets efficiently.
  • Scale and Automate data merging
  • Clean and format data easily.
  • Detect and intelligently fill missing values.
  • Group, aggregate and summarise your data.
  • Implement important methods, attributes, and techniques to manipulate data in pandas and python.
  • Learn and practice all relevant Pandas methods and workflows with Real-World Datasets
  • Implement a hands on project and add it to your portfolio

The Pandas Library is the Heart of Python Data Science because it enables you to import, clean, join/merge/concatenate, manipulate, and deeply understand your Data and finally prepare/process Data for further Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning etc. It's crucial to develop a thorough proficiency in Pandas to get into data science field. This course is all you need! Get started today.

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Looking forward to your feedback and supporting more women getting into Tech.