What is your superpower?

One thing I'd like to see more of in the world is a celebration of the things we are proud of, in our lives and in ourselves. This does not have to be work related, but what would you identify as your superpower?

I will go first – my curiosity. Curiosity has lead me to explore opportunites and roles I would have thought were typically beyond my reach, but also solve complex problems without one cut and dry solution. It has allowed me to better understand colleagues, friends, customers, behavior and lead with empathy in my life.

How about you? What is your superpower?

What a great topic! I ask this question to everyone (during interviews, here on Elpha on our welcome thread love the curiosity aspect! You might enjoy this podcast by Sahil Bloom, it's all about being curious and leaning into that me, there's a few I can think of but they are all ramifications of the same root (which I guess is the superpower) - the combination of my grit and resilience. I was told by my parents, later friends, colleagues, other peers that I have the ability to remain focus on the task at hand without letting anything distract me from my path and whenever I face obstacle I pick myself quickly in comparison... and it's true I'd agree that it takes me very little time to recover from what could be seen as a setback. I use to just get through things and process them much later, but now I try to do it as I go... and here we are, 30ish years later, happy, thankful, and thriving haha!
First, thank you for sharing those resources!! I will definitely check out the podcast. Resilience is a great one and so powerful. I think it's a trait I value so much in colleagues when things get tough and a great one to model. Thank you for sharing. :)
Of course! Let me know what you think of the podcast! I liked his episode on Steve Jobs' commencement speech, I think based on what you've written this will resonate w you :) And thank you! I agree resilience is something you ideally want on your team (if you don't think it's a prominent one for you)!! THANK YOU for starting this thread!
Great topic! For me, it's my fast learning curve. I love diving into new skill sets and learning them as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Whether it's querying in snowflake or creating a 0-1 product strategy plan, I'm proud of my ability to take on new skill sets and dive in head first without any prior foundation. Sometimes I have my doubts and insecurities... but I try to lean into focusing on the new skill and "failing forward".
Love this one @kassandrahobart! Thanks for sharing. :)
Love this for you Kassandra!! What was the latest skill you picked up?
Thanks! Product strategy and framework for a hardware health tech company :-) It's very different from digital products that I have more experience with.