Moving to Director level… resources on budget management?

My new position is a step up from Team Lead to Director. The role responsibilities now include managing the departmental budget and this is not something I have experience with before. (Contributing to, tracking spending, working within budgets, yes. But being the person responsible for coordinating, validating, requesting, etc. no.)

This whole area gives me a great deal of anxiety (my own personal finances are not exactly "managed" either 😅). So I'd really like to be prepared for when the time comes later this quarter.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has any "101" style training / resources for someone new to departmental budgetary management, and/or advice on how you made the transition?

Thank you so much!

Oh this is exciting, congrats on the promotion! And i totally hear you on having a bit of anxiety on this! @jenB33 wrote a great piece for us the other day and as a CFO I wonder if you can ask her directly here for her thoughts?