Dealing with bugs/feedback

Hi fellow founders,

I'd love to hear how you emotionally deal with receiving customer feedback (that you wish you could ship out ASAP but there's a huge running list of other things to get to first) and bugs. We're past the MVP stage, so I should be used to it be now but to be honest, I tend to feel pretty down when this happens. Not sure if it is a perfectionist trait but would love to hear how you emotionally cope with those requests/situations.

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Hi @Ashima Thanks for sharing how you feel. What I suggest is to notice the thought & feelings, track them and replace them over time. It sounds like you are getting overwhelmed every time there is a long to-do list and that may cause difficult and negative emotions and thoughts to emerge. What you want to start doing is to notice when these kind of emotions arise, track them and start to shift into new feelings/thoughts/actions. Maybe there is a ritual you can create when you are receiving feedback to soften the blow of dealing with bugs/feedback. Maybe you can schedule the next day just to handle the new feedback and prioritize. So there are different ways you can start to approach the situation when you can notice and shift into giving yourself what you need in the moment (ex. rest, ask for support to vent, take a walk, etc.). Hope this gives you a starting point about how to reframe the situation so it's not so emotionally charged for you each time.