Celebrating Callbox Pioneer LeadHers: Twenty Years of Women Empowerment & Leadership

This year marks Callbox’s 20th anniversary, and as we celebrate International Women’s Day, it offers a perfect moment to commemorate our strides toward gender equity and acknowledge the outstanding women who have been central to our success. Over two decades, we’ve emerged as leaders in the B2B sector, thanks to our team’s resilience, creativity, and dedication. Among them, the women of Callbox have propelled us forward with their strength, wisdom, tenacity, excellence, and commitment.

In this special feature, we spotlight the pioneers—women whose efforts have not only shaped our corporate culture but have also fostered an inclusive environment where every voice is valued. This women’s month join us in honoring the women who continue to inspire and steer Callbox with their leadHERship and vision.

‘Bern’ to Lead and Transform

Let’s begin unfolding their journeys with an exceptional woman who has been pioneering Callbox’s success, Bernadette Briones. She has dedicated nearly half her life to the company, transitioning from her initial steps as an agent through roles as a team leader, account manager, and Business Development Manager (BDM), culminating in her significant position as a sales manager.

Berns has been a dynamic force throughout her tenure, actively engaging, contributing, and spreading knowledge across the team. Her initiatives have not only streamlined workflows but also significantly enhanced productivity, thus transforming the operational landscape of Callbox. Notably, her time as BDM has particularly elevated Callbox’s profile through her successful partnerships with Fortune 500 giants such as Google, Salesforce, and AWS.

A Rose Blooms Among the Thorns

From sales, let’s proceed to the tech department and meet the sole woman in her team when she first entered Callbox in 2005, Jocelyn Mediavilla. Her transition from an analyst at a leading semiconductor company to becoming Callbox’s esteemed IT Manager is a testament to her resilience and expertise. She has successfully navigated through male-dominated environments, from her academic days to her expansive professional life, instilling a unique blend of open communication and mutual respect within her team.

Jocelyn balances her IT responsibilities with her role as a mother, emphasizing focused attention and clear communication in both realms. Under her leadership, the Callbox IT team has collectively achieved significant milestones, such as implementing security policies and conducting internal penetration and vulnerability testing.

Finding ‘Joy’ in the Finance Journey

Now, let’s get to know another OG of Callbox from the finance department, Laurel Joy Madrid, affectionately known as Joy. She has been pivotal to Callbox’s financial health since starting in 2004. She’s more than a Finance Manager; she’s a foundational pillar, ensuring not only financial stability but also fostering a culture where women feel empowered.

She became instrumental in establishing fundamental HR/Admin and Finance operations. Her meticulous efforts in developing financial processes, and employee benefits systems, and ensuring compliance with governmental tax and license requirements have been crucial. Her leadership transcends mere financial management; it embodies Callbox’s commitment to equality, integrity, and operational excellence.”

Forming Callbox Gems with ‘Emerald’

Our special feature continues with Emerald, who has demonstrated versatility and leadership across various roles since joining the company in 2005. Beginning in the IT department, she seamlessly transitioned to roles such as B2C Sales Coach, Production Manager, and Marketing Head. Currently, she excels as a Senior Training and Development Specialist, shaping the next generation of Callbox’s Client Success Managers and Production Managers.

Her significant contribution lies in her foundational work with the Callbox Davao trainees, from interviewing applicants to leading the training of the first and second batches. Her pivotal role in establishing and nurturing the teams in Davao underscores her dedication to Callbox’s expansion and the professional development of its personnel.

A Mother’s Touch in Database Precision

This time, we now turn the spotlight to another remarkable leader, Juliet De La Mar. Joining Callbox in  2007 as a Customer Service agent, her journey exemplifies dedication and adaptability. She transitioned from database support for Marketing APAC in 2012 to becoming the Marketing Database Production Manager in 2022.

As a single mother, her nurturing approach extends beyond her home to her team, blending maternal wisdom with strict, organized professionalism. Her story represents collaborative success and the power of collective effort, underpinned by a profound love for her son and a steadfast commitment to her family and faith.

Leading the Largest Pack

We’re down to our final highlight, featuring a transformational woman who has trekked from humble beginnings to become a cornerstone of the company’s success. Melisa’s journey from a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to a Client Success Manager showcases her dedication and growth within the industry. Beyond her professional achievements, her story is not just about ascending through the ranks; it’s also about supporting her family and forging genuine relationships with key clients.

Melisa’s tenure of over 13 years as a CSM, combined with her current role as an Operations Manager, has been characterized by her relentless drive to boost revenue for her group. Her commitment has been a pivotal element of the company’s sustained growth, fostering a thriving and expanding team.

As we wrap up this special feature in celebration of International Women’s Day, we reflect on the empowering narratives and invaluable insights from Callbox’s Pioneer LeadHers. Their journeys are not only testaments to their perseverance, innovation, and leadership but also serve as torches of hope and guidance for the next generation of women aspiring to make their mark in the world.

Let their stories remind us of the power of diversity and the boundless potential of women in shaping the future of industries worldwide. To all of the strong, resilient, and empowered women out there, Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women's Day!