World's first voice based platform for women and non-binary!

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This is interesting! Thanks for sharing
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Yes, you're welcome! Go check it our girl <3
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Hi Stina, I appreciate your effort to be inclusive in specifying that non-binary individuals are welcome on your platform, but I'd encourage you to consider using phrases like "non-binary individuals", "non-binary folks", "non-binary people" instead of simply the word "non-binary" - it is more representative of how the vast majority of the community identifies and refers to one another, and because non-binary is a descriptive adjective, it doesn't work grammatically in quite the same way as "man" or "woman" - those words already have "a person" kind of "wrapped up" in them, whereas just saying "non-binary" sounds like you are leaving "the person" part out of it. Again, I can see your intention and appreciate it, but this felt important enough to me to point out.
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Absolutely, thank you so much for the input Sandra!