would love to pick someone's brain who has worked in investor relations :)

Have a bit of experience but interested in what it looks liek a more established firm

A dear friend of mine is in IR at CVC Capital, and she absolutely loves it! She came from a few years in IB at Goldman and has really enjoyed the lifestyle overall. She told me it very much varies by day (and well the firm has over 150B euros AUM), but overall it's putting together the marketing materials for fundraising season, quarterly reporting, and being able to act as a primary support point for LPs on anything regarding the fund strategy, portfolio performance, macroeconomic questions etc. Her analytical background from IB helps her leverage the numbers and portfolio performance when she tells that story to LPs and pitch new strategies internally. I hope this helps!
I work in Public Relations and investor relations is something I have an interest in and would love to take on someday. Thanks for sharing @iynna . It does seem like a background in finance would do much good. I am curious to hear the experiences of PR practitioners who transitioned into investor relations after beginning their careers in PR.Your initial question, @jillianjaime, has prompted a valuable discussion, and I am thankful for that.
I feel like PR would be a good background too based on the nature of the role! But ultimately, it does depend on the type of firms eg. my friend works at a big PE shop so knowledge of numbers & qualitative skills are appreciated/preferred but if you are at a corporation with a bigger team, you might get away without it.
thanks so much @iynna!!
of course! How are the convos going?