Can you recommend communities for Founders?

I'm a founder who moved to a rural community a couple of years ago. It was easy to be surrounded by other founders in the Bay Area, but there aren't others where I live now and I miss the camaraderie.

Not looking for a fundraising-focused or accelerator program, just somewhere to make new friends who understand the founder/CEO life.

Aside from Elpha obviously, are there virtual Founder communities, especially for women or non-traditional founders that you've enjoyed?

Hi Annie!I can relate to this.Here are a few I belong to and would recommend:Founderkind ( - Women OnlyWomen Tech Network ( - Women OnlyCoFounders Lab ( HQ ( last two have both paid and free options.I wish you the best.Regards,Rasheedat
Annie, I'm in Columbus, OH and can relate. Happy to connect here or virtually over coffee sometime. I'll also be watching the replies. Cheers!
I have heard great things about Hampton (though it's not women focused)