Career Coaching for Women in Their Mid Career

Coach with Elevate, career coaching platform targetted for mid career women to break plateaus, is extending Beta Program! As a beta adopter you'll get a beta pricing package plus if you sign up you can get a free sample session.

Hope this is helpful for women out there navigating pivot or stuck in their career!

This is super neat, thanks for sharing! How do you define a career plateau? Or how does it manifest from experience working with women in this position
we define a career plateau when women are feeling stuck (unsure where they're going with their career, unable to break the job market, feeling that they need support to be able to move the next level, unsure on how to navigate certain workplace environment or unable to find balance, etc.).There are many different scenarios of 'plateaus'' that we dig deeper in our survey and intro call to see if what they're experiencing is what we believe our tested framework and pipeline of experienced coach can help them breakthrough.
Oh this is interesting! Signed up for an intro call.