Selling something online? Collect secure payments instantly

Hey guys!

You can use Otmie's instant link creation service anytime to sell a product or a service, start a subscription, or collect a donation. It creates 1-click checkout page for customers with bank level security. No need to download apps or create websites.

I am in their waitlist and here is my referral here.

Happy to share 😊


Cool, are they using Stripe as the payment infrastructure or have built their own? I currently use Stripe to collect payments, along w Venmo.
They are building their own. I can pass your details and they would be happy to get your feedback. Btw, Merry Christmas πŸŽ…
What % of the payment are they taking?
It's free for transactions up to $500. If you need more, invite friends as each referral adds $100 to your limit. What is your transaction volume? P.s I'd really appreciate it if you could use my referral 😊 Happy holidays!!!
Oh it's nothing as high as that; I was looking for an alternative to selling through eBay or PayPal.
Looks like an amazing resource, thanks for sharing! Curious to know, how does Otmie differ from the current players say Stripe (Anna mentioned below) or Square ?
Sure Iynna. Because Otmie is designed for non-tech independent creators, it's fun and simplifies user journey to seconds. With instant one-click checkout and QR code features, it's free for transactions up to $500 and has referral rewards as above. Would you be happy to join and share the link?😊 Happy holidays!!!
SO helpful to know! I wonder if it would be helpful to include that detail in your initial note, so it's clear right from the start (and while their website explains, I feel like having you explain it in your own words makes it a bit more powerful)
Thanks so much Iynna! That’s why I love Elpha ❀️❀️❀️❀️ the support πŸ₯Ή