Calling all indoor Plant Parents .....Find out how you can receive a free plant-care consultation 🌱

Studies have shown that urban dwelling is linked to a host of mental stressors and increasing disorders that are alleviated by communing with and caring for plants. Our offering is designed to encourage sensing abilities through mindful plant husbandry, thus cultivating a gateway for inner transformation and inner peace. We spark urban wellbeing by offering app-assisted plant services and resources. Vertes is currently in the Beta testing phase of our app’s development and wish to invite your feedback with a gift of a free plant-care consultation. You’ll have access to our Plant Consultant to discuss topics ranging from plant husbandry to aesthetic selections. After navigating through the app via our online previewer, you will be able to book a meeting via the ‘Consultation’ feature by sharing your feedback with us in the confirmation form. Our Beta has:-A feature to journal your growing intentions and your "Plant Parent Story"-A blog with original content centered on utilizing plant-care as a mindfulness tool-Archival tool to track your plant's health journey-The ability to schedule a virtual consult with a plant consultant ranging from care to aesthetic selectionsWe look forward to getting acquainted and thriving alongside you! Let’s Flourish.
As a plant parent myself, this service sounds really interesting. Would love to chat more about it with you!