How to take radical personal responsibilityFeatured

How are you leading? If you are around others in your life, online or in person, you are leading. Every decision you make is a reflection of how you lead. We make most of our decisions on auto-pilot without thinking much about them or their consequences. When we make decisions with intention, we have the opportunity to be more deliberate in how we live our lives. Despite circumstances and others’ actions, we still almost always have a choice in how we live and lead. By taking radical personal responsibility for our decisions and our actions, we can have greater influence on how we lead our lives. Here are 5 ways you can take radical personal responsibility: 1. Be mindful of your choices. Mindfulness takes you out of auto-pilot mode, increases awareness, and makes more of your decisions more deliberate. Mindfulness requires less multi-tasking and more living in the present moment. Be where your feet are. 2. Set aside time to create daily, monthly, and annual intentions - to have a guiding light for your decisions. That way you have your guiding north star for each of these timeframes, which will be especially important when you feel you’ve lost your way. 3. How you do everything is how you do anything. When we take time to evaluate how we are tackling the small tasks in life, they will flow into the big ones. This is why you’ve probably hear that making your bed every morning helps set you up for success. Consider what you are feeding yourself, how you’re moving your body, and whether you choose to nourish your mind or numb out by endless social media scrolling. 4. Move your body to change your mind. We all get into places where our mind takes a dip and gets the best of us. When I’m feeling uninspired, or the voice in my head is starting to beat up on me, I get outside and move my body in nature. Nature creates a sense of awe and changing our physiology is proven to impact our brain chemicals. 5. Create challenges and adventure for yourself. Do one thing every week that pushes you outside your comfort zone. Discomfort = growth. If you’ve ever done a hard workout, you know it’s the quickest path to getting stronger!