Meet Elsa Jungman Ph.D. Founder of ELSI Skin Health

Hi ladies, we’ll have the chance to talk to a vet special entrepreneur tomorrow: Elsa JungmanShe’s a badass and did I mention Ph.D. (?!) who had a dream of launching her own skincare line for a long time and finally took the leap and raised funding for ELSI Skin Health. It’s very tricky to raise for this business and we have many entrepreneurs in our cohorts who want to start their own skincare company. So let’s hear from Elsa how she did it and what’s next. Format: casual chat with Elsa AMA style We’ll hear about her journey tomorrow at 10am PST. RSVP directly in the GUILD platform - it’s free See ya! 🤩
Hi @AnneC that's fantastic - mind posting the link to the event? the current one takes to the general GUILD platform and it's not super intuitive to find the actual event page (I still haven't found it haha)