How to find and reach your audience without social media?

Hello. What're your thoughts for a content producer that wants to start a project but don't want to invest time and energy in social media? Where to find an audience without social media? The project is based on long-format content, deep reflections, and focused on creating a community of people that want to discuss the future of topics related to women empowerment, justice, equal economy, etc.
Sounds interesting! I own a book called "DO: Open" about newsletter-based promotional strategies. I'm not in position to really use it right now so I can't vouch from experience, but you might find it worth a look. Is this a publishing venture where there's also an online community, or is the community the source of the content?
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Hey Krystel!Here are some ideas:guest blogging (are there places that target your audience that you could guest blog for to drive awareness and attention to your site?)virtual meetups/events (any relevant meetups you could partner with that could raise awareness for your brand? can be helpful to find related groups)SEO focused blog writing (it's a lengthy strategy but using the right keywords to attract users could get them to your platform. Here's an article with some ideas that might you help you think through keyword research
The SEO guide was super helpful!Just curious, as a content builder, how would you go about reaching out to other blogs to guest blog? Is there a best practice approach? Thanks!
Partnerships with organizations or companies that overlap with your target audience.
Straight-up old school sales. Start by figuring out what you want. Is it an audience? If so, what size? Then go backward to everything that you need to do to get that. You can break it down into simple pieces, it will be lots of work but you can do it. Message me if you want help figuring this out.
Just curious why don't you want to use social media? Yes it's time and energy but so is everything else.