🏡 Discover a Fulfilling Career as a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)! 🚀

In these questionable times of change, I've become passionate about supporting those affected by layoffs or currently job hunting, especially if we've collaborated in the past. My question to you is have you ever thought about becoming a residential Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO)?

Regardless of market conditions, MLOs, just like real estate professionals, fulfill a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their homeownership dreams. Your uniquely relevant strengths and experiences could seamlessly transition you into the world of residential Mortgage Loan Origination. Becoming an MLO offers a dynamic avenue for professional and financial growth. This role combines basic financial expertise with the satisfaction of helping individuals and families improve their finances and secure their dream homes.

✨ If you possess strong interpersonal skills, an interest in finance, a willingness to learn, and a genuine desire to work with and help people by guiding them through significant life milestones, this will be the perfect career pivot for you.✨

Let's discuss how your strengths align with residential Mortgage Loan Origination. Whether seeking guidance or exploring this path, I will pledge you my support. Learn more here:

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Thank you Audrey! How did you get into it?
hi @iynna!! I invested 20+ years as a Senior Project Manager with some of the world's leading brands. I found that the rigorous hours in the tech industry, constant layoffs and general BS (technical term!) were impacting my physical and mental well-being. I naturally began feeling burnout, impacting my professional & family life. Recognizing the significance of attaining a more harmonious work/life balance, I needed to transition my career. This change was driven by the desire to fuse my affinity for finance with a schedule that offers more reasonable hours. Drawing from my previous involvement and familiarity with real estate, I was naturally inclined to explore opportunities that would enable me to harness this background in a rewarding way....and the rest is history!
Thank you for sharing your story! I am really glad you found something that is giving you professional / personal / mental satisfaction and keeping you challenged! This is the right combo to be happy.