ChatGPT and Midjourney: A Hands-On Class Exploration

Join us this Wednesday for an exciting 1-hour live demo webinar, where you'll discover how to harness the power of chatgpt and midjourney's AI art generator for maximum impact!

Thank you for sharing, Akilah! How have you used Midjourney?
I used it for customizing my class presentations and I used it for site design here I also use it as a relaxation tool to create since my only drawing ability are stick figures šŸ˜
Oh that is so cool! I didn't even consider the academic use case!
Yes!! Also, if you have a sales presentation etc. customizing it to match your audience/demographic is a nice touch away from the boilerplate presentations. You should jump on one of my demos. I focus on how to use AI tools in professional environments to 10x your productivity, without the hype.
i love it, so smart!