Startup Accelerator & Incubator Professionals: Share Your Insights!

I'm reaching out to connect with professionals who have experience working at or with startup accelerators and incubators. I'm conducting research to better understand how these programs approach software purchases and identify any unmet needs that solutions like Personifyco can address.

Your valuable insights will help shape the future of our platform and support startups in achieving their goals effectively.

If you have worked in or collaborated with accelerator/incubator programs, I'd love to hear from you!

Your time is much appreciated, and your input will make a significant impact.

Looking forward to connecting with you! Akilah

Hi Akilah!I worked for ERA ( for almost four years. Alhough I was not directly on the accelerator team, we were a small team so I was able to see the ins and outs! What are your qs? :)
@iynna thank you for taking the time to respond I am conducting research for and I have 3 questions. If you prrefer to email via answer my email is hello(at) or How did your startup accelerator evaluate and purchase software solutions for your operations? (This question will help me understand software procurement process and decision-making criteria.)2. Did they use any software solutions to assist startups in the cohorts with customer research and understanding their target market? 3. How essential is the process of identifying Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) and target customers in the early stages of your startup accelerator's portfolio companies? Thank you for sharing your insights!
Oh amazing! I will send you an email with my answers :) What's my deadline?
no hard deadline :-) Appreciate the assist.
Perfect you'll get a response from me by the weekend :)
@akilahkamaria just responded!