πŸš€ Big Win Alert! πŸš€

Hi Elpha family; I'm thrilled to share a couple of milestones in my journey at FiscalNote. Firstly, within a year, I've been promoted to a Senior Sales Development role. It's been a ride filled with learning curves, challenging conversations, and meaningful work.

I'm also proud to share that I co-founded and successfully launched the SDR Culture Committee. Creating an environment that promotes growth, mentorship, and collaboration has been a dream come true!

As a woman in AI SaaS, navigating a male-dominated industry has been challenging. As a woman of color, it was doubly so. But these challenges only served to fuel my ambition, propelling me to break through each level of the glass ceiling above my head. 🚀

If there's one piece of advice I'd like to share with all the fierce women out there who are pushing to succeed: Don't let others' expectations define your potential. Be your most authentic self, take risks, and don't be afraid to occupy space. The sky is not the limit - it's just the beginning.

Looking forward to hearing your wins and words of wisdom. Let's lift each other up! 💪🎉🚀

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Congrats on sharing your wins on the promotion and founding a culture committee! Both are huge and it sounds like this year has been a big year for you. Wish you more great times ahead!
Thank you, and it has! I really appreciate the wishes! I really appreciate the wishes, and the same for you!
GET IT, Miesha! Proud of and excited for you!
Thank you so much!! That means a lot!
WOOOO that's awesome!! Congrats Miesha :)
Thank you so much, Michelle!