Hot yoga studio, snow, wood stove

Hey Elphas! I'm looking for a town to visit this winter. I'd love it to have the following criteria:

walkable hot yoga studio, lots of snow to make cross country skiing easy and a cottage with a wood stove. Extra nice would be an outdoor hot tub.

know any places like this?

appreciate any input

Hi! Love this for you. What are your geographic limitations ie. in the US/North Am? Or open to the rest of the world? I can suggest- Innsbruck in Austria (the Winter Olympics were held there in 64 and 76) but frankly there are other amazing spots in the country for it so I'd take a look- Les Menuires, Tignes, and Val D'isere in France (my childhood memories :)) check out le Club Med or VVF for the additional perks you're looking for- St Moritz and Davos in Switzerland (and make sure you check other parts of this beautiful country)- Phya ski resort in FinlandIn the USA- Bear Valley in CA (never been but friends said it's amazing)- Stowe in Vermont- Breckenridge in Colorado And maybe Tahoe?
Many towns in Minnesota may fit the bill :) Not as easy to get to, but towns on the North Shore of Lake Superior (like Grand Marais) are lovely.
Such good ideas!!! How do you get to these towns? Driving?
From Minneapolis/St Paul yes - Lake Superior is about a 2-2.5 hour drive. Along the shore of the lake is another 1-4 hour drive depending how far you want to go! From Minneapolis, Grand Marais is about 4 hours driving. There is also a (smaller) airport in Duluth, MN!
Great ideas! Have not ruled out a non-US venue! Much thanks!
You should absolutely explore outside of the US if logistically it makes sense to you :) So many great places in Europe and elsewhere. Let us know where you go and hope you'll share pics with us hehe
I'd also look into Whistler in Vancouver! Or perhaps Vermont in the east coast!
Great ideas I was wondering about Montpelier too. And I love whistler! Thank you!