what struggles have you faced at work? a call for user interviews

Hey all! I am a startup founder (we're talking super, super early - like 1 month early) who is looking to talk to women who are fed up with work not working for them.

If you're up for it, I'd love to chat with you for 30 minutes to hear about your experience. It's not a sales call (no product to speak of yet!) and will strictly be a user interview.

Please book something here, comment below, or send a carrier pigeon! I'll make sure I get it <3. Thank you

We'd love to talk to:

✅ Women that have experienced barriers in navigating your career and would like to participate in a short interview

✅ In HR or a DEI consultant and can talk about what has worked well and what hasn’t worked well in your organization

✅ Interested in advocating for women as it relates to career progression and would like to share your insights!


Hi Sarah,Unsure how much I can help, but I did sign up to chat. Hopefully you'll get some useful takeaways from our discussion.Roxy