Happy new year, elphas! I'm running a free workshop on growing your career while growing your family and I hope you'll join. A little about me and why I'm passionate about this:In the 2 years I had my 2 kids, I doubled my compensation.In the 2 years that followed, I founded my own company, Something Major, and took it full time.I did not get “lucky” and my story is not unique—but it’s also NOT common enough.That’s why I’m passionate about helping other working moms get after their dreams, get paid, and get the opportunities they deserve. If this speaks to you, join me for the is free workshop. Can't join? Register to snag a recording after the fact.#working moms #workingparents #workgoals
Thanks for doing this Randi! Sounds amazing! I don't have my own family yet, but am planning to and am very keen to learn how to manage it all :)