Hello Elpha!

It has been a hot min since I have posted on here!

I have a question... What is your opinion on having dogs in the workplace?

I am intrugeddddd....

FACT : Taking your dog into work lowers stress levels and increases overall job satisfaction.

**attatched is my dog 😄

I think it’s a wonderful idea IF the dog can be kept separate from your colleagues who may have allergies or don’t like dogs. I used to take my dog to work and everyone loved him, but it was a very small company and he was a very small dog. Ideally (and what I hope to make available one day to the people we employ), there’s a separate area where the dogs hang out, so they can have interaction with other dogs, and they’re not separated from you for an entire day, and you can go see them as often as you’d like. Or alternatively, for a less social dog, separated offices for people who are bringing dogs with them.Also your dog is very cute 🥰
That is such a good point!! I didn't even think of that re allergies!! My dog is hypoallergenic so thankfully people don't get allergic from her!! Ahh that's so cute your dog went to the office! Such amazing points, that sounds like a wonderful idea!Ahh thank you so much!
Yes! I think dogs are awesome at work if there are some behavior protocols (for the dogs and the humans) and the office has been dog-proofed to avoid damage and safety. IMHO they definitely improve the energy of any office.Bringing dogs to work has become a commonly requested job perk and I know some apartment and office buildings in the US are looking at converting extra parking spaces into mini dog parks to woo potential tenants. @larissa88 's dog daycare at work would be even better.