What's on your mind? How are you? are you okay...

Hi everyone!So I saw the other day Roman Kemp (English radio and television host) say you should ask your friends how they are twice.. As their answer may change the second time you ask...So my question is to you reading this, how are you? are you okay? I am here to hear how you are doing. I feel Elpha is such a strong community where we celebrate wins & and overall just support one and other. Good or bad I want to hear it and as an Elpha community let's be here for each other! What's on your mind?
This is a great approach to ask twice! I've taken to saying "how are you" and if the answer is a generic "fine" and I really want to hear more about their lives, I'd ask things like, "tell me everything that's been going on!", or a gentle, "how are you truly?"
Ahh thank you!!! I completely agree!!!!At my last job I found myself in a rut when I would enter the office they would say “how are you?” And always my reply was “good thank you, you?” And they would laugh as it was always like the robotic response and I feel like now we just need to change it up a bit!!!
In Germany, it is very common for people to say how they are truly feeling after the first ask, especially when they are friends but not always! I've had business partners share all the intimate details with me about their personal life, just because I'd ask the question "how are you doing?". Interesting cultural difference perhaps :-)