Career Pivot into Tech: Can you help with a quick CV review or any tips?

Hi Elphas :)

After 10+ Years of marketing experience in top CPG companies like P&G, AbInBev, and L’Oreal I’m looking to transition into the Tech world (open to any industry, any size).


(1) I’m rewriting my CV and would very much appreciate feedback to make it as relevant as possible for Tech companies.

(2) If anybody has made a similar pivot, it would be super helpful to be able to jump on a quick 15-minute call / quick message for any tips on how to make it happen.

Many thanks and have a lovely September!

@valentinallinas, I am a recruiter and I'm happy to helpNancy Frederick Bell's connect up on LI and just drop your resume into a message chatNancy
@nancyfrederickbell, thank you very much for your reply and generosity! I've just sent a short note through on LI :)