Seeking Legal Advice on Intellectual Property


For the past year I've been working with a bootstrap startup and created their app and web interfaces. Recently the team has been accepted into an accelerator program and were planning to launch the app pretty soon. As the UX designer for the app I would like to speak to a lawyer to discuss ways to protect my work legally and ensuring I get my fair share financially.

Tagging @JRShraybman who may be able to help!
Hi Ladies! Apologies for my delay in responding, but @ShanieceWilson - I'd be happy to discuss this with you. Typically these questions would have been sorted out in the beginning of the relationship, but it sounds like you may be in a good moment to negotiate. Feel free to email me and we can find a time to chat - [email protected].
Was there any agreement initially on what your compensation will be? Cash payment? Equity? Stock options?
There was no formal agreement on compensation. Equity was mentioned in the early stages of building the company.
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