I'd like to help you brainstorm/troubleshoot a specific work or career-related challenge.

Hello Elphas,

I'd like to help you brainstorm/troubleshoot a specific work or career-related challenge.

I'm an accountant (strong in business processes and systems) with large corporate and startup experience across Tech, Media, and eCommerce (fashion). Interested in lots of stuff including tackling climate change, quantum computing, AI Augmented collective intelligence, cyber security, virtual reality, metaverse.

I'm in the process of trying to figure out my next move and whilst doing this would like a point of focus and to feel I'm doing something useful. So, I'm offering to help people brainstorm/troubleshoot a specific work or career-related challenge.

If you are interested you can 📧 [email protected] with an anonymous or actual name 📧 . If you think I can help and we then figure out I can't it will still hopefully be a good use of time as talking through a situation with another person brings clarity. And, I won't take offense 😊. This will be a learning experience for me and rewarding in that I'm hopefully helping others whilst learning new things and figuring out my path.

I believe I'm good at getting to "the crux of the matter" and over the years have worked on projects where I've had the opportunity to enhance this skill. Plus with 25 + years of work, I have a fair bit of experience and knowledge on the internal workings of companies. I'm also experienced with the stockmarket, property rentals, selling fine art/antiques, and being an executor of a family estate.

Another string to my bow is having assisted friends and colleagues in significantly improving their CVs and thereby helping them to do well in interviews. By asking lots of questions about their roles, I enabled them to tease out and describe the unique skills they brought to their particular roles. 

Basically, I'm a generalist who ended up working as an accountant.

I look forward to helping at least one of you at Elpha!


Very kind of you, if it's something you have thoughts on, @helenawu is looking for help on a specific challenge related to negotiation and assess leverage in a current work situation
Thanks so much for the tag, Iynna! 🙏🏼
Hi @helenawu. I'm happy to have a video or voice call. Tomorrow from 10:00 to 19:00 s good for me. Please email me at [email protected]. I definitely think you have leverage, but I'd be careful about going W2 status and then leaving after a short time particularly if you are after a reference. You indicate that you are looking for another role.
@iynna thank you for highlighting this post. I will message Helen separatley.
Thankyou Margaret, sending you an email for a work related challenge.
@genie9 thanks for getting in touch. I've just replied to your email. I look forward to helping. Margaret 😀