My linked in account has been temporarily suspended. Any ideas on how I can contact them?


I changed my password on LinkedIn over the weekend and then used the old one when logging in from another device. My account was locked. They requested ID (I sent my passport) and said I'd have a response within 72 hours. I sent over my passport id but still haven't heard back. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did they do? I'm just about to start applying for jobs so is couldn't have happened at a less opportune time. Thanks, Margaret

Omg this is so frustrating, so sorry this is happening to you, Margaret! It happens when they suspect "fraudulent" activities, or fake profiles, or if you're using browser extensions that aren't allowed etc. Are you able to access this link at all? I'd explain the problem but be as dramatic as possible here and explain that this is legit affecting your personal life (it really is tbh)
@iynna thanks so much for the speedy reply. It definitely is affecting my life. It is like losing your passport. II will complete that form now and let you know how I get on. Margaret
That sounds super frustrating! I hope it gets resolved soon!
@smriti thanks. @iynna linked helped ss the second reply was not automated so I feel more hopeful. Still no access however.
I am not sure I understand the note, what second reply are you referring to?
@iynna sorry that message was not clear. With your link , I got a reply from an actual customer service email address whereas it was a no reply email address with the contact option LinkedIn provided.If it's not back by next week, I'll ask one of old work colleagues who I believe has a large Business account to contact them on my behalf. It's scary that LinkedIn has this much power and influence over our working life.
Oh I see what you mean! I guess we are making progress... did you reply back? Did they say anything else? Omg I am so sorry it's frustratingAnd absolutely scary, LinkedIn is basically an extension of us as professionals :(
@iynna on your link I select Linkedin Premium option and said I wanted to sign up for Premium as I normally do when job hunting. I imagined most companies wouldn't say no to extra cash! I got a reply (from a cservice address)saying they were sorry and they had sent my note to the relevant department which I guess is the one that had my request from Sunday. I contacted the cs address once more today and explained how this was affecting me. I also asked if it would make a difference if one of my former employers who has a Linkedin Business a/c could vouch for me. No reply as of yet to that email. I've read some horror stories on Reddit about people losing access forever and others getting access back after 10 days. I will give it until Monday and then talk to a former coworker or one of my recruitment connections who purchases adverts from Linked. I'm really hoping they can speak to their contacts at Linkedin.
UPDATE:I got back in last night after been locked out for ten days. I've learned a lot from the experience. If it hadn't happened, I might have inadvertently violated LinkedIn policies when I I start actively job hunting. I tend to click on a lot of profiles when I'm job hunting and this is a potential violation. This article :/ is an eye openerThis lockout WAS because linkedin thought my account had been hacked when I changed the password and logged in on another device.
Wow so happy to hear that all is sorted out now! YES it is a violation when you open profiles but you really need to open A LOT of them, so maybe you had hit a daily limit or something :( I am so glad you're back on it though. Are you all set w/ the job search? What roles are you looking for?
I hadn't violated the terms. I changed my password and logged on from another device. Their algorithm assumed I was hacked. But, the experience prompted me to look up terms and conditions. The job search is a process and as I'm working and distracted with other stuff not 100% on it yet. I'm pivoting to customer success so I'm building up knowledge on that - read 3 good books so far. The CS groups on LinkedIn are going to be really helpful. Claude AI has been brilliant with ideas on how to reposition my CV for CS roles.