Do Bootcamp type training courses exist for job types such as Operations Manager?

I'm considering moving away from Financial Controller (FC) to Operations Manager roles. There are lots of transferable skills as FC roles are operations focused. I'm curious if anybody has come across a hands on Bootcamp type training where one could come up to speed relatively quickly? As there are a wide variety of Operations Manager roles out there it would need to be general and cover the key core requirements for an operations manager role. Elements I'm particularly interested in are project management tools, latest presentation formats, CRM system, productivity tools, best practice procedures, etc. All of this can be found online via job descriptions, but doing a course would be more fun, motivating and give a taste for whether this is a suitable next career option.

I'm not aware of an equivalent one for a Controller but I think over a few week period I could teach a person how to do this job (to a basic level of course - getting good at the job requires time and practice) and how to get an interview. This type of training would be similar to what's covered in a job handover where a new employee spends up to a month with the incumbent. Of course the person would need an understanding of accounting for this to work. Operations doesn't have the same technical requirements so should be easier.

I look forward to comments. Thanks🙏

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Hey @margaretcarey While there are definitely bootcamps out there for many different roles such as Customer Success and Sales, I haven’t come across one for Ops. Operations is a varied role with responsiblilites that vary greatly company to conpany. Have you had any open exploratory calls, such as informational interviews with people in Ops roles? That would be a great place to start. Also, since you already have years of work experience, you can start to see how your current experience can be transferred over to Ops roles.
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Thanks @annamiller. That is a very good idea and I think that should be by next post on here or I should contact people directly. I have an idea of what the role involve as I interacted quiet a bit with the Ops managers in a few of my more recent roles.