Looking help for getting job or review my code for this project

Ending this week with sad news:After I got rejected from my favorite company which I posted on LinkedIn. I got an interview with a startup company. They gave me tasks, and I did well, and they gave me a job also. It's part-time. I was so happy I started to feel like my search came to an end.They told me to learn next.js. I started to learn that, everything went well till yesterday evening. I got news from them that they are slowing down the hiring process. I don't know what to do now. I started to feel like happiness started to shatter. I spoke with the person who interviewed me, he was impressed with the way I coded. After hearing this news I didn't feel like eating anything. Still, my hands feel cold while typing.The task they gave is the Simple React App.I did a small e-commerce kind of app. I started this project from scratch and completed it within 5 days. (did during July 4 with a tight schedule)I created a login page, Register, CRUD operation for the product, Axios, database schema, middleware, and API. I created this project in the mindset of a single admin and multiple users. I am trying to make it live (localhost works well) and I know to add stipe for payment.Job searching is hard and when things happen like this. It's like adding salt to the wound.Github project: review the code for this project. I need support :(