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My name is Nandhini. I am a full stack developer looking for job. I have completed a full stack developer course from a bootcamp (Bloomtech) but after completing I was doing projects for my friends (unpaid). Currently I am looking for pay even if it is low pay. I am happy to accept it. I am done with unpaid jobs 😞 . My skills are React, Node, knex, postgresql.

My resume :

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My recent project which I done for an interview. I created this project from scratch:

Use TO LOGIN mailto:[email protected]


Github for this project:

Please help me to get a job. I don't know whom to ask for help 😞 I am struggling a lot

Hey Nandhini! I've tagged "job hunting" for your post for more visibility!Have you checked out Elpha's talent pool and submitted your profile there?
Yes I have done that
I work at Fidelity and they are always looking for developers. Check out
Hi @nandhinimadan, if you're having any challenges with job searching, here are a few job search best practices I'd consider:- Determine what support system you have in place to help you be effective throughout your job search -- Most people feel they have to go it alone and end up guessing where to spend their time versus leveraging a coach, mentor, peer or other tools and resources to be strategic- Most importantly is understanding how/where to spend your time wisely -- its not all about the online apps but networking is a critical component, as well as balancing some time for other key activities in job search (virtual events, thought leadership, research, reflection, etc)- Determine your accountability plan to make sure you're staying on top of your goals & staying organized- Reflect on how things are going on a weekly basis to iterate & improve your approach and thus your outcomes-Be sure not to approach the job in a transactional, check-the-box sort of way -- see networking and interviews as a mirror into the job you would land and an opportunity for two-way assessment of fit- Consider how many roles/industries you're applying to-- this may be a sign that you'd want to take a step back and pursue career exploration to clarify your ideal fit direction; career clarity will help make your search more efficient, targeted, and effective- Don't ignore your self care to ensure your mindset is staying resilient during your search Additionally, I’m linking a blog on the exercises you can do each week to reflect and assess your job search so that you can strengthen your approach to more efficiently landing a fitting role —, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach. I’d be happy to discuss this further if you want to hop on a call -- check my profile for how to book time with me. I’m here to help! Talk soon!