Best advice for self-taught Product Designer

Hello everyone! I am currently starting my self-taught Product Designer journey and would love to receive any advice on best courses, creating portfolios, finding entry level jobs, etc. TIA!

Hi @Cammie40, when you're considering upskilling, further education, or any learning opportunities, here's what I'd suggest:- Ensure you feel 100% clear first on your ideal career direction i.e. role, industry and environment- By pursuing career exploration until you feel 100% confident, it will make it much easier to feel confident in which, if any, upskilling experience/opportunity/program would be worthwhile for you - You want to clarify your goal first, so that the pathway to reach that goal is much easier to define and determine- Upskilling is not meant to be used as a "test" of if you'd like that job -- that is what career exploration is for- There's only so much time or money you have to devote to additional learning, so be sure you're being intentional with any choice of course, certification, or any further education opportunityThis blog may help -, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach. I’d be happy to discuss this further if you want to hop on a call -- check my profile for how to book time with me. I’m here to help! Talk soon!