Live Event: Strategies to Launch Business Websites in a Day (13th Sept)


Dive into the high-speed world of web design with Alicia Burke, an expert at launching websites in sprints—ideally in just one day! She will give you the blueprint to launching your website with practical tips and straightforward advice, simplifying the process so you can make swift progress.

We'll dive deep into:

- Mindful Planning: A roadmap for a smooth launch.- Branding: Crafting a brand that clicks with your target audience.- Page-by-Page Breakdown: Website essentials decoded.- The Build: Tackle technical aspects with no-code tools.- Mindset Pitfalls: Dodge common mental roadblocks with effective strategies.


Alicia is a seasoned marketer with deep roots in startups and venture capital, leading marketing and support for hundreds of nascent ventures. She's now a consultant advising small businesses on all things marketing, strategy, and ops. With degrees in International Affairs from George Washington University and a Masters in Business Innovation from University of London Birkbeck, Alicia is a global citizen, holding Ecuadorian, Irish, and American nationality while being raised in Ireland and Tanzania.


TOPIC: Strategies to Launch Business Websites in a Day



📌 Wed, September 13, 8am PDT | 11am EDT | 4pm BST

📌 Please note that the first half will be a practical workshop followed by Q&A and an in-depth interview! Come early so that you won't miss the presentation!

📌 In her interview, Alicia will discuss her background and journey to becoming a web designer, career pivots, running your own business, lifestyle design and productivity.



👉 How do you launch a website in just ONE day?

👉 What are must-haves on every business website?

👉 What no-code tools are game-changers?

👉 What’s your top tips for smooth project management?

Come join this incredible conversation with the Sprinting Web Designer!

This workshop is not to be missed!

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