AI-powered meeting notes - honest feedback wanted

Hi Elpha community,

I would love to chat to people who are looking to improve their meeting productivity and daily workflow with the help of AI-powered meeting notes, planning, and insights.

If you are someone who:

- attends a lot of meetings

- needs to keep track of important meeting notes

- manages a team or works across departments

- or you want to make more use of the insights that come out of your conversations...

...I’d love to hear more about your challenges and wins - and see if can make your life easier (and get your honest feedback)!

I personally use Nyota for our team collab - but I also use it for my consulting projects, web design side hustle, and mentoring sessions. It's completely streamlined my processes, so I'd love to compare notes with people who are looking to be more in control of their time, focus, and output.

I'd be so appreciative of your feedback 🙏 Please let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments - or please let me know if you'd be willing to hop on a quick call with me. Thanks so much!

Here's our demo (side note: I managed to create this demo video with iphone voice notes and Canva 😅)