Can EFT-Tapping Help Black Women Better Manage Their Anxiety?

Hello from Brooklyn!

The title of this post is a question that my team at Libbie Health and I are seeking to answer. Personally, I'm curious not just as the founder or as a behavioral health coach, but as a Black woman who uses Tapping regularly as part of my self-care routine.

I'm excited to share more information about the study we've launched for Black women with anxiety. Our goal is to learn more about the impact of EFT-Tapping with Libbie (and the other supportive features in our mental wellness app) on coping with anxiety. Participants will be granted initial free access to the app in exchange for feedback on their experience.

If you identify as a Black womxn, please apply to join us! If you are an ally, please help us spread the word and share this with Black womxn in your network that you believe can benefit -- both potential participants and practitioners who could refer their clients/patients.

Thanks in advance,