Release & Renewal: Learn Tapping on February 28

Are you looking for simple ways to manage stress and boost your mental wellbeing? Join me for a empowering workshop on Weds., February 28, 7:30 pm ET where I'll be guiding you through the healing practice of Emotional Freedom Technique: Release & Renewal - Use Tapping to Manage Stress & Thrive.

Through mindfulness and guided tapping exercises, I'll show you how to reduce stress, clear negative thoughts, and strengthen your natural resilience. Whether you're new to EFT or an experienced tapper, this session is perfect to deepen your practice.

Join me for an inspiring evening designed to help you gain clarity, feel at peace, and better take on whatever’s ahead. The techniques I’ll share have empowered many by increasing focus, optimism, and self-care habits.

Space is limited so mark your calendars for February 28th and prepare to leave feeling light, motivated, and equipped with lifelong wellbeing tools. Can’t wait to tap with you all!#tapping #stressrelief #mentalhealth #selfcare #resiliencemindset