FREE online masterclass to combat stress - tools to regulate the nervous system for you πŸ’

On a scale of 1-10, how stressed out do you feel at this moment?

1 = chill as a cucumber 🥒

10 = losing your mind 🥵

If you are anything above 3, sign up for my FREE masterclass next Monday.

Did you know that 77% of Americans feel moderate to extreme stress on a monthly basis? Honestly, the statistics around the pervasiveness of stress and how it affects our minds and bodies are staggering (48% of people don't sleep well due to stress... WHAT?!).

I used to be deeply afflicted by stress - one year at Christmas, my older sister challenged me to eliminate it from my vocabulary and I found it to be soooo hard at first. Then, that challenge changed the course of my life.

As we head into the holiday season, many of us will experience heightened anxiety and stress... 38% of Americans feel increased stress at this time of year... We all know the holidays can be super stressful 🥵 especially if you're navigating work (and work parties!), children, travel, cooking and hosting events… Uff, I'm exhausted already. 😇

So I have a FREE MASTERCLASS for you: Fight Festive Freak Out on Monday 21 November at 7 pm GMT / 1 pm CST. This hour-long masterclass will get you centered and grounded and leave you with the tools you need to create inner peace to handle the holidays with ease. 🧘🏻‍♀️✨💗

Who am I? I am Magdalena Jensen, a transformative coach, certified NVC conflict mediator and Women’s Circle facilitator. I am a woman so grateful to have rediscovered my joy in life.

I used to be a perpetually exhausted, full-on hustlin’ boss b*tch - I even landed in the hospital burned the eff out. That way of being cost me friendships and my previous company. I projected a confidence I didn’t actually embody and “stress” used to be my middle name. No longer! Now, I'm living a life I love, far from "survival mode", empowered in my sense of self worth. Check out my website to find out more:

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