What leaders can do to better support working moms

What can leaders do to better support working parents?

This is what myguest and I talked about in my latest episode for The Work We Want.

Aketa Marie Williams to talk about working mothers: how the world of work can better support them, tips for how to navigate work as a parent, and what I – a working woman who plans to have kids can do to prepare for this shift down the road. An we go beyond tips *just* for parents, and talk about the power of trust to create healthy workplaces; the need to include workers when designing new company policies, the importance of strong, clear boundaries, and other ways the working world can change to help more of us thrive in it, and outside of it.

I really enjoyed our conversation and think anyone (regardless of parenting status or plans) can get something out of it. Available wherever you get your podcasts 😊

And if you have other ideas for how leaders can support working moms, I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

I can't wait to listen to this!One concrete way we can better support anyone returning from parental leave is to treat it like a re-onboarding. For so many people, we turn their email back on, fill up their calendars and that's it. Having a re-onboard mindset will enable everyone to be successful.and of course - paid family leave