A Tip for Navigating the Ups and Downs of WFH.... and Leadershiphttps://www.insideoutincubator.com/the-rebellious-leader

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Interesting! I'm definitely an integrator and have many blurred lines between work and home, though I am trying to be a little bit more intentional about the physical space of where I do work (living room) and where I don't (bedroom). Thanks for sharing the article!
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Good for you! Glad you found it interesting. If nothing else, I found it useful to recognize that, as an integrator, I blur lines all the time - and that's not necessarily a bad thing - it's just my habit (which I hadn't necessarily recognized before).
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Very timely article and completely agree that it helped me better identify my needs. Thanks for sharing!
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Most welcome @erickadean! Glad it was useful.
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I think it’s interesting how blurred lines especially for integrators are not only time bound but spacial as well. As someone who is currently wfh this helps me think about the different dimensions of boundaries I need to have in place in more concrete terms!
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Right, @kateschiffman!? That spacial dimension gave me a whole new window to look through.