I just signed an offer to join an existing founding team as co-founder and chief brand officer and would love tips!

Hi Elpha, very excited about this new role and the company too. My co-founders - both men - are respectful and transperant about how little they know about marekting, comms, and brand management.

I am a first-time co-founder and CBO and would appreciate tips on leadership, managing teams at a high-level, and enjoying the job even when things get hard and rought.

Thank you!

Congratulations, Koromone!You've got this.I wish you the best.
Hi Koromone, congrats! I share tips on these kinds of things on my LI and Insta - I'm a founder coach and experienced founder and will share my links below. My most important tip is to get clear on your own personal vision, i.e. what you want to get out of the experience of being a co-founder. That will help you when things get hard and rough. Leadership, managing teams...the most helpful tool you can learn is active listening. Let's stay connected!