Looking for awesome senior engineers, should we hire a recruiter?

Hi everyone, I'm in the fortunate position these days of getting to work with an early stage startup that's doing well and has paying customers! I'm the founding designer and the challenge now is just recruiting engineers. Does anyone have any recruiting agencies they recommend for hiring great engineers and/or engineering leaders? We're looking to level up the team and move faster as we approach some fun growth milestones.

Also curious to hear from other early stage non-technical founders about their hiring/recruiting process for engineering.

Hi @Annalouisewestern! I'm the co-founder of a recruiting agency called Envision Inclusion. We hire for all types of roles, but I would say about 60% of our hires are engineering hires. Perfect Venue seems like a pretty cool company, and I think we could find a lot of engineers who would be interested.You can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected]. If you still need help, we'd love to chat!
Hi @glojdallas, thanks for sharing! Just shared your site and contact info with our ops team.
Hi @Annalouisewestern, I'm building a startup that aim to helps companies find the right engineering team. Right now, we would love to know the struggles startup founders/companies are facing when they are finding their next hire. Would you be open for a call? I would love to learn from your experience and maybe I can help find you find your next engineering lead. You can sched a call here: send me an email at [email protected].Thank you. :)
Hi Anna Louise,Congratulations on landing in a startup that's already successful, that is an exciting place to be! It may go against my best interests as a recruiter to say so, but using an individual recruiter, a firm, or your own internal resources really depends on what you need.

 Your first step should always be to leverage your internal network - if it isn't in place already, start a referral program to reward your employees for recommending their excellent former colleagues. Post on your own LinkedIn page to see if your connected people have folks they’d recommend or even better, connect you with.If you want to hire fast, a recruiter is your best bet. Look for a recruiter or firm with background in engineering/tech, and make sure they’ll be a good partner for you: a good recruiter will ask a lot of questions about the role and company so that they can source candidates who fit all of your needs, not just match a short checklist of skills. They will provide support for your team in setting up interviews, getting feedback from you and candidates, and keeping candidates engaged so that you can hire your top choices. A recruiter is there to make your life easier and save time, so you should receive only a few top-notch resumes, and if the first set isn’t a perfect fit the recruiter should be able to re-calibrate so that the second set is. Whether to use a firm or individual depends on the volume of your need, and the variety of roles you need to fill. It can make sense to use internal recruiting for most roles, and a recruiter or firm to bring in a large number of candidates to a particular team, or to target hard-to-fill roles with specific skill needs.Finally, always keep your regular recruiting process going. Keeping one job posted on LinkedIn won’t cost you too much money or labor hours, and may land you the perfect candidate over time. If you have multiple job openings for the same role, it’s all the better to use multiple recruiting strategies.Since I am both a recruiter and HR consultant, I tend to look for long-term solutions and partnership. If you’d like guidance on what path would serve your organization best, I’m happy to chat - reach out to me any time via Elpha message or [email protected].
I have relied on, as a resource for finding talent in the startup ecosystem. They use to be called Angel co.
Awesome thanks! We're posting on there and using Workable as well right now to get the listing out there. Good to hear you've had luck with it.
Hi @Annalouisewestern, sounds like an exciting time at your startup!!! Keep up the awesome momentum!I actually formerly was an agency recruiter working with early-stage startups on their early technical hires. Since then, I came aboard to Covey. We're a SaaS company that builds you a custom AI bot that analyzes profiles with the same nuance you do (it's pretty magical) and then sends email drip campaigns to recruit passive candidates.We've had a ton of success with early stage startups - our offering allows you to scale up and scale down your hiring at a fraction of the cost, keeping your team lean.I don't normally advertise our product on here but this is genuinely an extremely fast, targeted, and cost-effective way for you to sensibly scale your team. :)I'd be super happy to set you up with a quick demo to check it out!
Hi @ilonatrn, that sounds pretty interesting. I'd be happy to learn more!
Fun fact, we recently helped one of our users make a hire in 4 days, totally crazy. He has a great interview process and is a total star!
Hi @Annalouisewestern I am interested in this opportunity and have submitted an application via Workable and dropped you an e-mail as well! Thank you
@Annalouisewestern I run a small tech recruiting agency, EQ Recruiting. Our specialty is engineering and product recruiting for early-stage startups across the US and are currently working with many seed, pre-seed and series-A startups helping them hire their first 1-5 engineers. We take a values-based approach to technical recruiting and diversity of pipeline we're presenting is also super important to us! Here's our website free to email me with questions [email protected]